Hermann Johann Friedrich Bottcher
July 13, 1909 -- December 31, 1944
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This website was made possible largely through the efforts and generosity of Stephen T. Martin, San Francisco resident, Navy veteran, student of history and researcher extraordinaire. (missionpurisima@gmail.com)

Over the past year Martin has secured Captain Bottcher's personnel records, the complete Bottcher file from the Archives of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and 32nd Recon Troop reports from the National Archives. All of which are here included.

Lee Allen, resident of Provo, Utah, was contacted by Stephen T. Martin in response to a query placed on the 32nd Div. website. Working together they were able to contact Captain Royale Steele, USAF (ret.) who as a lieutenant was lying next to Captain Bottcher the night he was wounded and who placed the tourniquet on his shattered leg. Captain Steele, who had a distinguished career in his own right, served with Bottcher at Aitape, New Guinea and through out the Leyte Campaign. Information provided by him gives insight to Bottcher the man, the leader and the operations of the 32nd Recon Troop.

Philip E. Christ, Captain Bottcher's former orderly and self described "dog robber," contacted Allen as a result of the same website query. Christ volunteered to serve Bottcher without knowing exactly what he was getting into but was promised a promotion to Pfc. He served with Captain Bottcher through the Aitape operations and Leyte but was medically evacuated from the patrol a couple days before Captain Bottcher was killed in action. He probably spent more time with Bottcher than any other man. He has instructed that his rank of Pfc. be used on his tombstone as recognition of his service with his beloved Captain.

Martin and Allen agreed to establish this website so that others could share this information on Hermann Bottcher. It is not intended as a finished treatise of the man and his life; rather it is the largest collection of information on the life and service of an exemplary soldier and American.

The website is maintained by Sam Allen. He can be reached at: sam@internmentarchives.com